Real Time Ghost Caught Footage (UNEDITED ) – GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE 2014

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Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators are searching ghost activities all over the world. GhostWorldTV brings you such scary videos for you. Please watch…


Rajas Raje says:

Anyone can do this

Ms Kelly Victoria Gribben says:


Henderlen Wilson says:


Maggie Collins says:

Have seen other vids of yours with same girl ….. You should be ashamed
its ppl like you that make the real ones none believeable !!!!! 

fastpaced33 says:


cupcakepro says:

THat one on the
Fence is a human but I believe other ghosts like bloody marry

OnTheLevelProduction says:

classic, I officially believe in ghosts

Te-nicia Oakman says:

Stop moving the camera

thomas jenkins says:

needs to fuckin keep the damn cam still u moron

Insetfiddle52 says:

Gay attention whore

rony swaid says:

Its obviously Fake 

dani el says:

fake and im not scared boooooo……. :O

Rice Thao says:

this one is a joke..

sophie johnston says:

1:24 it’s real. If it was not, who was that on the fence and who

joe joey says:


Simon Chapman says:

Fake, when the camera went off the person they just stepped behind the
fence to make it look like the so called ghost had disappeared. 

Alex De Sas says:

Sooooo FAKE

Clarissa Roach says:

That’s 2:40 of my life I’ll never get back….what a waste! =<

Natalie Leonard says:

its clearly been edited by the way it jumps after turning away from the
“ghost” person. its obviously been stopped so the person could move out of

Ozark mama says:

Another good one. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Ishkode Waaban says:

It was someone standing there then ran behind the fence come on that aint

pamela bowcock says:

I laughed so hard , that is sooo fake, do they really expect us to believe
that is real ? lol

topcattom83 says:

good try but you stopped the frame why your buddy got out the way

สุพจน์ ราชธานี says:

ฮา ฮ่า จัดฉาก Thailand

สุพจน์ ราชธานี says:

ฮา ฮ่า จัดฉาก Thailand

Michelle LYNN says:

I believe in ghosts

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