Ghost Sightings

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i found a few ‘ghost’ pictures which i want you too take a look at tell me what ya think.


darryl grett says:

the first one’s from Hartlepool it was on the front of our news paper apparently the area it was in was once a farm were people were hung

mvttrker68 says:

I dont know .3.????

The Guildfordinis says:


hitenpatel53 says:

Ture Vdieo?

Klark Wayne says:

Slender is the only real ghost

robert craft says:

No real

Heather Thompson says:

I worked at a animal shelter our boss was out of town and someone had taken her place, 60$ came up missing and the lady checked cameras to see who took it, she said she seen something that scared her she wouldn’t come back so my boss had to come back early then we checked it out after a while we seen a cat that would jump out the 7 feet fence and go to the back door, you could tell it was a car but you could see through it and it would come back almost every day. It left me confused

mark macdonald says:

loada bollox

MrWhiffles123 says:

Actually I have! Seen the ghost of my dead dad who was shot in the head serving in the military.

katrine jacobsen says:

Ghosts is not real.. have you seen a ghost?

MrWhiffles123 says:

How do you know that it is?

katrine jacobsen says:

Sooo fake-.-

emmanuel rivera says:

the music scared me more than the pics ! haha

ReneKOsCreepers FTW says:

the picture of a big group of girls is kinda weird because the ghost and the baby crying in the corner…JUST FLIPPEN WEIRD MAN!!!!!

Albin Cahling says:

0:50 is two Birch trees that are close to each other. Duh.

Barack Obama says:


felix bannister says:

And I also TOTES believe

felix bannister says:

Don’t look fake to me. I just happen to love ghosts and ghost hunting is one of my favourite things. So I would be perfect to ask

unicornqueenify says:


mramos2888 says:


Tia Louise says:

wow i actulley beileve in ghosts wooo

Beth Wheeler says:

the first picture u show is my cousins friends, the little girl crying was being hit by the ghost in the picture and my cousin told me staright away and sent me the pic straight away

silviavazquez48 says:

I belive in ghosts

hansurzy says:

Those ‘ghost’ pics are a result of shadows, lighting and editing

bugs9898 says:

scary ghosts can give anyone nightmares

nootlarrimore says:

U can see that they edited that

PartyNations1000 says:

Maybe he meant to spell wrong so stfu

MooseMate4 says:

All stupid

LazyTacoProductions says:

guess who is not sleeping tonight

CrazyZebraTigers says:

Well the first picture is real to me and there is nothing wrong with the way this person spells I’m not sure about the other pictures.

Cosi insan says:


grizzbair234 says:

The thermal image was from “ghost hunters”

shadetree12420 says:


Abby Mitchell says:

It’s all photo editing.

TheFreddie306 says:


TheFreddie306 says:


Connie Fugett says:

second picture iznt a ghost its a demon

Emily Eberhart says:

Improve spelling, please! Thanks.

predatorxd99 says:

Those old ones (grey) are maybe true cause there was no photo editingin that time

Quincy Damian says:

lets tell OUR ghost stories

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