Ghost Caught On Tape 2014 | Ghost Footage | Scary videos

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Ghost Caught On Tape.


michelle chavez says:




Brayden Taylor says:

it says give me the fucking book

ashley lalumiere says:


samreen afreen says:


dreaming4ffr says:

i do hate the fcking world… ghost aint that bad

Albert Einstein says:

Why didn’t u rec ur goose bumps, its not that difficult u know and u know
why i said it so…..

ashley lalumiere says:

Go to youtube and search gmc nutcracker commercial and you’ll find out the
commercial says nutcracker! not the EVP. Stop faking ghost videos…your
making more non believers out there! 

NoraxDoPranks says:

This is a fucking war or wall

George Barcenas says:

Fuckin somthing, idk but I heard “fuckin”

EnigmaShadow03 says:

That nutcracker EVP is debatable; kill that TV next time you set up the EVP

George Smith says:

It sound like it said fucking 

Rick McDonald says:

Hang out and fuck the dog all day. This is what I heard.

cindy spence says:

Go get the priest to bless your home…..the more you play or video. …it
will get stronger and stronger… something now.

Racheal Tate says:

I hate this fucking world ?

greg lathrop says:

how long have you been living in that house

Palmina D'Alessandro says:

E.V.P : “You need to get me outta this FUCKING hole” 

Jackyl Meoff says:

He said turn the Fn Tv up & stop recording me. Geez! You really need to get
out more dude.

Conner Morris says:

I did not here anything but I did see the lights flicker and the cat get

Hilario Martinez says:

Yea fucking wonderful

Mary Garcia says:

It said knock it of u fuckin ord

bryan thefirst says:

I think he said fuckin wonderful

Zebra Lover says:

He said the f*** word 

Hilario Martinez says:

Yea fucking wonderful

DaphneBlue50s says:

fake and gay

Egyptmania Thompson says:

What I hear in the end is,” fucking awful”. And just curious what the
movement is on the couch. Is it the babies?

whitney pitney says:

you have just recorded the damn tv wow!

iluvultraman says:

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